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  • The SPRO Rat is designed for those larger predator fish that every angler is looking for. It entices awesome surface strikes by triggering the instinctive reaction that those lager fish are looking for.  The SPRO Rat can be worked in several ways - you can bulge it, v-wake it, walk the dog, pop it or you name it!

  • RokLees is a tool that can be used to successfully release unwanted fish suffering from barotrauma back to depth so that it can survive for another day.

  • The Crunch Minnow truly is the modern swimbait for all bass fishing situations.   While many bass fishermen opt to use this fishing lure as a solitary swimbait, many bass anglers are also using the various Crunch Minnows on Alabama Rigs and Umbrella Rigs. Sand bass, white bass, hybrids, and brown trout, too, aggressively feed on the Crunch Minnow. Each...

  • For those individuals who specifically want the modified Crunch Minnow with an underspin, for those sunnier days or in clearer water, the products below are exactly what you are are wanting.  The Under Crunch Minnow is a more finesse, subtle method of generating strikes from those cautious largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, stripers, hybrids,...


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Angler's Arsenal offers the serious fisherman quality products in one location. Whether you are fishing saltwater or freshwater, Angler's Arsenal offers you a wide selection of custom fishing lures, fishing rods and reels to mention just a few of the items.  We are the Home of Western Plastics Custom Baits. Custom colors are not a problem. With over 150 colors to choose and 36 styles and sizes to choose from we are your one stop location for HAND POURED BAITS!

Angler's Arsenal has been in the fishing industry for since 1983 producing and selling custom top of the line fishing baits and accessories.  Let us help add to your fishing "ARSENAL" before your next fishing expedition.

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